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Interpretive Development Program

Presenting Curriculum-based Programs

Benchmark Competency Description

A curriculum-based program is an interpretive program researched, developed, and presented to help an educational group accomplish their specified curriculum or learning objectives. The interpreter connects the group’s learning objectives to the meanings and significance of park resources, creating opportunities for intellectual and emotional connections. The group’s learning objectives would also be addressed by pre-and post-visit activities conducted in conjunction with the formal, interpreter-led presentation.

Competency Standard

All Interpreters:

  • Incorporate an educational group’s specific and pre-determined learning objectives into interpretive programs designed to meet the group’s educational needs
  • Connect learning objectives with the meanings and significance inherent in a park resource
  • Present opportunities for intellectual and emotional connections to resource meanings as well as cohesively develop a relevant idea or ideas
  • Encourage learning experiences that reach multiple learning styles
  • Present educational programs that are appropriate for audience or group members