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Interpretive Development Program

Full Performance Competencies

The Full Performance interpretive competencies require a thorough and in-depth understanding of both the Entry Level competencies and many, if not all, of the Developmental Level competencies. Full Performance interpreters typically engage in the entire suite of interpretive skills including informal contacts, personal services programming, interpretive writing and media. Often in leadership positions, these interpreters engage in interpretive planning, frequently train and coach other interpreters, and may serve as resource and audience experts for the site.  


Click on the list to the left to see the description and standard for each full performance level competency. Those indicated as "benchmark" are core competencies.

Note: A key role of the Interpretive Development Program is to facilitate periodic review and updating of the competencies and related learning resources. Some core competencies have been recently revised, or are awaiting revision, accounting for the different formats of some pages and resources in this website. And, under the new I&E Academy structure, many more competencies await definition and description.