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Help Hone the Foundations Competencies

Help Hone the Foundations of Our Evolving Craft
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In the time-honored spirit of collaboration and field-driven input for the Interpretive Development Program (IDP) , we invite your feedback to improve the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation. 
The competencies described in the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation have evolved from competencies first crafted in 1996. Following the 2014 training needs assessment survey of field interpreters and supervisors, the IDP facilitated revisions of the foundational competencies to address shifting trends in society, technology, learning and communication. They were written, rewritten and edited by workgroups of your colleagues and can now benefit from broader field input. These competencies will be revised and updated regularly - and you, as always, are a critical contributor to that process.
Want to lead a discussion on the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation?
What Happens Next?
After posting your discussion in the group, invite your coworkers/conversation participants to add their own comments and clarify until July 15. In July and August, a workgroup of Peer Collaborators will read and begin organizing all the thoughts from the field. A smaller review team will categorize trends and edit sections identified as high-priority for revisions. In September, a Peer Collaborators Workshop will meet and finalize the FY18 version of the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation, publishing on October 1st.
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