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HOT Topics for Learning

Yes -- one of the hot topics is Interpreting Climate Change. How do you communicate with the public about a complex and controversial issue such as this, which is affecting park resources across the NPS? The need to connect audiences to this issue in a meaningful way is growing every day. Please join us for the upcoming virtual classroom course, Interpreting Climate Change, scheduled for February 11-14, 2014. See the Training Page for the course announcement and registration info! Another great opportunity to learn about climate change is the new Earth to Sky regional course coming to the Mid-Atlantic area, beginning in February, 2014. See the details about this blended learning (on-line and classroom combo) course also on the Training Page.


A related hot training topic is Facilitated Dialogue -- perhaps you've heard some buzz about this emerging interpretive skills set? For issues that are complex, critical and/or controversial, Facilitated Dialogue is an approach to engage audiences in meaningful conversation, rather than attempt to teach or preach. A Facilitated Dialogue course may be coming to a region near you in the coming year -- see the Training Page for information on scheduled courses. And, if your park or a group of parks would like to host one of these classes, or if you would like additional info, please contact us ( or