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IDP Newsletter -- April, 2016

Helping interpreters connect people with powerful places and each other.
NPS Interpretive Development Program
Spring trees in bloom in Harpers Ferry
"There has been an awakening..."
We know that many of you are setting off on your Centennial summer season journey, so we'll cut to the chase. We have a few useful tools and experiences that your peers have helped develop which might help you prime your new crop of interpreters and to energize our returning employees.
Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation
(Version 2016)

Just as the world and our visitors are evolving at a lightning pace, our standards and best practices need to keep evolving as well. Here are this year's Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation, along with some lesson plans to help you pass them on to the next generation of interpreters. These materials are all drafts and crowdsourced - experiment, pull the parts you can use, and make them even better! 
Download Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation _V. 2016_
Lesson Plan_ Engagement Techniques - How_ When_ Why_
Lesson Plan_ Planning for Diverse Audiences
Lesson Plan_ Relevant Ideas and Essential Questions
Interpretation for Our Second Century Webinar
Contribute to the New Foundations of Interpretation

This webinar will introduce the newly revised Foundations of Interpretation and provide you with an opportunity to contribute to these evolving standards. You will explore the "what" and "why" of 21stcentury interpretation and the overarching focus on audience-centered experiences. In discussions with your colleagues, you will consider how the new Foundations can revitalize your work, and you will be tasked to identify one new skill or strategy to implement in the coming season at your park. You will also be challenged to stay engaged with the on-going professional conversation about the evolving nature of our work.
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Becoming an "ACE"

Audience-Centered Experience

Our visitors are faced with daunting challenges in their daily lives. The parks and special places we have are not the answer. They are the right questions. How can your audiences not only participate in interpretation, but actively shape and create it? How can we make places where visitors help each other find amazing meaning in the resource and each other? Check out a current IDP offering and help us shape the future of ACE training. 


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