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IDP Newsletter -- January, 2016

Helping interpreters connect people with powerful places and each other.
NPS Interpretive Development Program
To Tomorrow and Beyond
Like the clean blanket of snow out my window, this year feels like a fresh start: thrilling, daunting and filled with potential. If a new year can feel like a fresh start, what does a new century feel like? Starting our centennial year, I feel the promise and the power our places hold to make a difference in our increasingly complex and demanding world. How do we do that? Through Interpretation, of course!
Not only are we starting a new year and a new century in the National Park Service, but today the Interpretive Development Program (IDP) launches its next generation. Born out of an "Interpretive (R)evolution" 20 years ago, the IDP's next iteration asks for your active engagement to prepare us for who we can be in our second century. Check out some of the offerings and askings this coming quarter.
Katie Bliss
Training Manager for Interpretation and Education
Interpretation for Our Second Century
New Foundations of Interpretation(Version 2016)
The world around interpreters is evolving and the work we do is evolving too. Join in a virtual debut of the New Foundations of Interpretation - an on-going discussion of the bedrock of our craft. Sign up for one of four virtual sessions:
Interpretation Leadership 
and Business Skills
(Intermountain and Southeast)

Twenty first-century audiences have different expectations and needs and are more diverse, urbanized, tech-savvy, and global than ever. It's urgent that employees possess skills to prioritize and leverage limited resources to serve audiences and communities.

This training for Chiefs of Interpretation and Education focuses on two top training priorities:1) Audience-centered approaches; and 2) Business Acumen. 
Register in DOILearn for one of the last two face-to-face offerings this March, OR sign up as a distance learner.
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Becoming an "ACE"

Audience-Centered Experience

Our visitors are faced with daunting challenges in their daily lives. The parks and special places we have are not the answer. They are the right questions. How can your audiences not only participate in interpretation, but actively shape and create it? How can we make places where visitors help each other find amazing meaning in the resource and each other? Check out a current IDP offering and help us shape the future of ACE training. 

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