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IDP Newsletter -- May, 2017

Helping interpreters connect people with powerful places and each other.
NPS Interpretive Development Program
Katie makes the face of one of her favorite animals - the naked mole rat - at the National Zoo_s annual holiday light show
Katie's naked mole rat impression at the National ZooLights this past winter.
Audience Centered Movement
Wow, it has been a productive season for our team! After the ILBS training for Chiefs last year, we took some time to examine and expand on our facilitated dialogue curriculum. To better meet front-line needs, this winter we launched a series of Audience Centered Interpretation classes here at Mather; produced a workbook, lesson plans, handouts, and materials; and now have that all uploaded on the Common Learning Portal for you! Enjoy, engage, revamp, remix and reshare. Make this movement yours!
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Sample pages from the workbook fanned out
Be an ACE - 
Download & Share the 
All-New ACE Workbook
The Audience Centered Experience (ACE) approach to interpretation allows parks to become places where visitors can not only learn and enjoy, but also gain skills in critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, global awareness and scientific literacy.  This nifty new workbook takes you through the basics of ACE interpretation and helps you build yourfirst ACE interpretive experience!
Trouble accessing the Common Learning Portal? 
A pictogram park ranger leads a group of other pictogram park rangers
Lead your team with
The ACE Trainer's Toolkit
Have a group of budding ACEes you're helping along the path to full Audience Centered Interpretation? Our ACE Trainer's Toolkit is packed with lesson plans are tailor-made to mix and match. They can be incorporated into your existing seasonal training as-is or used as the basis for making your own ACE-centered training offerings.
Looking for Feedback__Head over to the Interpretation and Education Peer Feedback Community_ _where you can get feedback_ give feedback and make amazing interpretation come to life_
Pictogram rangers discussing
Foundations of Interpretation - Version 2018
We're starting to think about where the new foundations of interpretation needs revision. Some of the ideas are great; some might need a tweak. We'd love you to join the conversation. Head to the pages for the competency in the CLP to add comments & suggestions.
Become a Peer Collaboration
September 11-15

Want to take your participation in the Audience Centered revolution to the next level? Become a Peer Collaborator! Peer Collaborators help to run our peer feedback community and finalize the Foundations of Interpretation for the coming year each September, and we want your voices! 

NAI - National Association for Interpretation
NAI wants to hear from YOU!
After nearly 20 years of continuing excellence, our friends at the National Association for Interpretation are evolving as well! They're working to define new interpretive standards and they would love your help. They are trying to brainstorm what makes an interpreter effective. Make sure your thoughts and ideas are represented!  Find out more on the upcoming focus groups.
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