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When To Post: How The Clock Can Help You Be Interpretive


The inaugural session of "diginterp indepth," frozen in time on YouTube.

Time is a constant in our lives. It seems to be always passing, sometimes we feel like we don't have enough of it.

But on Wednesday, March 20th, we took some time here at the IDP to investigate time in the first of our continuing series of investigations into the nooks and crannies of the digital interpretive world.

"When To Post: How The Clock Can Help You Be Interpretive" marked the first of an experimental series of training sessions, diving deep into the philosophy of both interpretation and the internet world. In this session, John Rudy from the IDP and John Tobiason from Harpers Ferry Center's Office of Digital Media delve into why you might post when you do, and how it could be more than a blind toss of the dart at the board.

Whether to maximize reach or maximize meaning, time is important. You'll notice some hiccups in the technology and delivery; we're always trying to experiment here at Mather. They'll get smoother as the months progress, but the experimentation won't ever stop.

You can watch the training in the player above.