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Interpreting Climate Change Competency -- Acknowledgements and Suggested Citation

The following people helped develop the content for the Interpreting Climate Change competency, curriculum source document, and related learning opportunities.

With special thanks to the following individuals who provided content, contributions or support in the creation of this curriculum document. Primary authors were Angie Richman, Paul Ollig, Becky Lacome, John Rudy, Will Elder, Sara Melena and David Larsen. Ginny Reams and Nona Capps served as editors. The Subject Matter Expert team included the following individuals (in alphabetical order): Beth Barrie, Sonya Berger, Katie Bliss, Josh Boles, Alice Clarke, Will Elder, Rich Fedorchak, Bob Krumenaker, Becky Lacome, David Larsen, Ardrianna McLane, Sara Melena, John Morris, Teresa Moyer, Paul Ollig, Angie Richman, John Rudy, Susan Sachs, Kristy Sholly, Melissa Sladek, Liza Stearns and Mike Whatley. Project coordinators were Nona Capps, Katy Patrick, Christy McCormick and Steve Wolter from Eppley Institute at Indiana University.

Suggested Citation for referencing any part of the NPS ICC curriculum documents:

National Park Service, 2014, Interpreting Climate Change Self-study Modules. National Park Service Interpretive Development Program and Climate Change Response Program.