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Peer Review Transition at End of Year

Colleagues-- During the coming year we will be rethinking and envisioning a new approach to peer review certification for NPS interpreters and educators. This is an exciting time to explore new possibilities -- to create an ongoing, field-centered conversation about the quality and standards of our work, and to take advantage of on-line options that were never possible when the current peer review process was begun in 1996.

In June, a Peer Review Transition Team will meet at Mather Training Center to begin designing a new process -- and to develop a transition plan to convert current certification records into a new credentialing system. Many ideas for the new system have been generated, and there will be opportunities, probably beginning in winter/spring of the coming year, for all of you to help us experiment and test these ideas.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- In order to plan and retool for the peer review transition, please note that we will discontinue submissions to the current peer review process at the end of this year -- the deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014. We want to tell you now so you can plan ahead -- you still have several months to get certifications using the current system -- and please be sure to consult the Peer Review and ORS submission guidelines at the following links:

All certifications in the current system will transfer into some form of credits in the new system -- and we'll keep you updated as that new approach is developed.

Also -- very importantly -- please note that ALL other components of the Interpretive Development Program -- including the coaching system, on-line Eppley courses, webinars, classroom courses, and all the tools and resources on the IDP website, will continue to be available. The IDP is alive and well! In fact, new resources and learning opportunities are being added every month! (Check out the Interpretive Facilitator's Toolkit page at

The Benchmark competencies and professional standards outlined on this website continue to describe our work -- and we also look forward to results from the recently completed I&E Training Needs Assessment to help inform our evolving understanding of the skills and abilities of our profession in the 21st century. Stay tuned to this website and the quarterly IDP newsletter for upcoming reports on the Needs Assessment -- and thanks to all of you who participated!

If you have questions about the transition of the peer review process during the coming months, please contact anyone on the IDP Team.


Katie Bliss
Becky Lacome
Kimble Talley
John Rudy