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Curriculum-Based Programs

Core Resources

This document, developed by a workgroup of NPS interpreters, outlines the KSABs (knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors) for this competency. All related learning opportunities should be draw upon this source curriculum outline. 

This tool provides a step-by-step process for creating interpretive products.

This tool provides a step-by-step process for analyzing the elements of interpretive effectiveness in any interpretive product. It is the foundational process for the IDP Peer Review Certification Program. 



Web Resources

LearnNPS --

Interpretive Skills Training Outlines

Interpretive Skills Education Lesson Plans – Interpretive Skills training materials date to the 1980s – they contain information that is still useful, but may also contain outdated material. [pdf, 35kB]



Handles: A Compendium of Interpretive Techniques to Help Visitors Grasp Resource Meanings. Peggy Scherbaum, 2006. Can be used for self-study or classroom training. Includes the definitions and examples of 200 interpretive techniques. (Note: Most parks probably have a copy of this book -- but it is currently out of print.)